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by big dilbos (05.07.2016, 14:19:58)
FpqRMu pre it can take place. Google Ads Our sites contain advertising from Google; these use
cookies to ensure you get adverts
by Drew Consell (24.06.2016, 23:20:39)
This is Drew and I am a skilled web designer. I was just looking at your site and it's a good site,
but there is some room for improvement and I would like to help you with it. Would you be
interested in getting a proposal for a site redesign?

Let me know if you're interested. I'd
really love to work on your site. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

Drew Consell
by Ed Frez (20.06.2016, 19:58:53)
My name is Ed and I design great looking websites for small business owners. I'm contacting you to
see if there are changes or enhancements that you'd like to make to your site.

Have you been
thinking about upgrading your site to a more cutting edge look and feel or adding a few elements to
the site that will help automate some of your business? If so, I'd really love to speak with

Do you have a free minute we can talk in the next couple of days that would work for you? I
can give you a few proposals of different strategies that I've done that have had a major effect on
my customers ROI. I'd be happy to help out.

I look forward to speaking with you,

by Josh Williams (15.06.2016, 22:05:58)
Google has made many changes to their algorithm recently that favors sites that are experts on a
particular topic. I specialize in making Google view my client's sites as the experts, which helps
my client's sites rank at the top of the searches for their industry. The impact on your traffic
and sales is huge when you rank at the top of the search engines.

I would like to have a call
with you and tell you about what we do and see if you're interested. Just let me know what time
works for you to speak and I will be in touch.

Thank you

Josh Williams

If you are not
interested in my help or advice just let me know and I will remove you from my list.

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