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by Jaime Mcguinn (25.01.2018, 01:22:37)
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by Mitchell Bell (22.01.2018, 20:20:59)
Hey there,

It seems like you have a great business but your site doesn't look like it conveys
exactly how great it is. Have you thought about adding some different things to the site to make it
really awesome (short video clips, moving graphics, eye catching text, calls to action, additional
buttons, etc...)?

There are many more are features that I specialize in making, so please let me
know if there is some work that I can do for you. I'd really love to work on your site. If you're
interested in making your site amazing please just let me know and I'll reach out immediately via

Warm Regards,

Mitchell Bell
by Powell Williams (18.01.2018, 20:43:10)

I am a site optimizer who specializes in making sure that Google knows how to find your
website. I specialize in making sure that your business shows up at the top of web searches so your
potential clients would find your business when they're looking up for services you offer on the
web. I can do for you at a price that even small business can afford.

Are you interested in
speaking with me about it? I only reach out and ask once, so if I don't get a reply from you then
that means you don't require my services and so you won't hear from me again. So make sure to reply
if you're interested.

- Powell Williams | Website Optimizer
by Mckelvey Palmer (13.01.2018, 21:30:01)
Hey there,

I was just on your site and noticed that it has a ton of potential to become a really
good website. I have an idea of how to make it a site that you and your clients will just love and
I'd like to know if you'll be interested to hear them.

I am a professional web designer that can
do amazing things and help sites reach their full potential. I can also add additional features that
your site will need to boost your profits. I have some cool thoughts I want to share with you. Can
we set up a call? I'd really love to talk to you soon.
- Mckelvey

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