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by Tracy Edmunds (22.11.2017, 20:44:08)
I am a designer/developer with the skills and talents that help companies in making their websites
really shine. That is why I'd like to give you a proposal about how you can make your website shine
bright like a diamond especially within the competition of your target niche. Consumers generally
judge your company's credibility based on how your site looks (like those "spammy"-looking
websites), which is why I feel that it's incredibly important (especially now) to give it an amazing
look. Would you be willing to setup a 15 minute call with me? I can give you all of the finer
details of what I can do and how I believe it will help your company. I look forward to the
opportunity to work with you.
Tracy Edmunds
by Joan Forsyth (12.11.2017, 22:07:42)

My name is Joan. I am a web designer that really cares about taking care of my clients and
getting them exactly what they want! I would like to see if you would be interested in adding a
little spice to your website. There is a good amount of room for improvement on your site. Are you
ready for a change? I can make it look amazing without breaking the bank.
Please let me know if
you're interested in making some improvements to your website and we can discuss the details over
the phone.

Thank you,

Joan Forsyth
by Bria Lawlor (29.10.2017, 21:39:23)
I'll make this pitch really quick:
I'm a skilled web designer/developer focused on quality and
I have been in this industry for almost a decade now.
I have very affordable rates.

I'm quick and accurate.
I'm friendly.
I make the process easy enough that anyone can
My clients love me!

So, if you're interested in rebuilding or redesigning your site
then I would love to speak with you. Reply back and let me know.
Thank you!

by Frank Henderson (20.10.2017, 20:39:30)
Hi! Your site looks like it could use some help with its rankings in the search engines. Have you
ever had any optimization work done to it? It looks like your site wasn't set up properly with the
right keywords to make it easy for Google or Bing to find it. With that in mind, I assume you're not
getting very many visitors to your site. I work as a freelance optimizer and can do everything that
needs to be done to help you rank higher in the Google searches. Please tell me if you're
interested in speaking.

Frank Henderson

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